Our Services

What we do for our clients

Recruitment Solutions

Permanent Staffing

Caters to Mid management to Sr. Management levels.

Executive Staffing

Caters to hiring your leadership team.

Flexi Staffing

For all levels from specialized skills to generic skills.

R. P. O

Where the process is outsourced for defined tenures

Consulting Solutions

HR Data and Analytics

adopts scientific method of hiring based on various data analysis

People Management & Development

training plays a significant role in the development of human resources.

Compensation Management

to benchmark the current pay to the industry standards and have a pay parity.

Diagnostic Solutions

sustain & seek opportunities for growth, in a competitive environment.


We offer our clients the highest standard of services with emphasis on professionalism at all times. In Recruitment & Talent Management Space we have the expertise to manage the Blue Collar temporary labour force to White Collared technical, skilled executive in various niche sectors. With an instinctive knowledge of where to find the right candidate for your position, our recruitment team is small enough to offer a personal service combining attention to detail with awareness of your own specific requirements, but big enough to cope with substantial assignments.

We specialize in recruiting across a range of functions and sectors in the market place. Expertise lies in Head Hunting and Selection of VP/GM and Middle Management levels in Functions like Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Accounts, as well as various technical and non technical functions.

  • Permanent Staffing: For Middle and Junior level Executives
  • Executive Staffing: For Senior level / DGM / GM / AVP / VP and above levels
  • Flexi/Contractual staffing: Various Models exists. Primarily applicable for all levels from specialized skills to generic skills
  • RPO (Recruitment Process outsourced): Applicable either when the entire recruitment process is outsourced for a defined(Project) or undefined tenure. It may involve bulk hiring at junior to sub middle level through mass drives or specific skill based hiring.We even execute turnkey assignments and Ad response Management.
  • HR Analytics - We help our clients to adopt a scientific method of hiring based on various data analysis which has its application on Manpower planning, Recruitment, Retention, New Hires, and Productivity. This orientation is suitable where the organization is serious on plugging the gaps on attrition and focusing on rational method of productivity. This also helps in evaluating the efficacy of the Training programmes, various HR policies and innumerable factors which affect employee morale and motivation. Our data analytics tools provide a significant insight in all facets of management and acts an enabler.
  • Training:
    • For Corporate: Behavioural based - Time Management, Team Building, Office Etiquettes, etc.
    • For Scholars/Students: Usually imparted at the College/School level on Personality Grooming. Different customized modules are available.

The appropriateness of the model is gauged by our consultants after through discussion with our clients and are accordingly suggested.